About B. Freeth Studio

Hi. I’m Belinda.

I created B. Freeth Studio to showcase my artwork alongside my graphic design services. I am inspired by nature and our intrinsic relationship to it. I am continually adding to this portfolio with art that I hope is interesting and memorable.

I use both colored pencils and digital technology to create my artwork. Digital tools for me are a great way to create preliminary studies.

I am Boston-born and LA-raised. My family relocated to the LA area when I was three years old. My father was born in Sawahlunto, West Sumatra, Indonesia. My mother was born in the city of Alkmaar, in the Netherlands. After meeting and marrying in Holland, they immigrated to the U.S. in 1960. I think it’s amazing that our family ended up here, in California. I love Southern California and have raised two kids here with my husband and business partner.

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